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A Perfect Paper Flower Bouquet

A Perfect Paper Flower Bouquet

Springtime showers bring plenty of flowers, but what’s a girl to do if there’s still 8 inches of snow covering her bulbs? Make paper flowers and sing a little song as we turn the corner into March, that’s what.

Make a DIY paper flower bouquet.

Lush flowers are my favorite of the springtime blossoms. DIY Dahlias and handmade Gardenias? Adorable. Felt roses? Fantastic. Paper peonies and carnations? The perfect candidates for a DIY paper flower bouquet.

Want to make your own and jump-start springtime? Here’s the short list of tools and materials I used to make my precious peonies:

  • Tissue paper (white, light pink, dark pink)
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Chopsticks
  • Scissors (and wire cutters, if your floral wire is thick)

Layer two pieces of tissue paper and cut it into 6 pieces. Stack the pieces together, and fold them like an accordion.

Trim tissue paper into rectangles, stack and fold it into an accordion.

Twist a piece of floral wire firmly around the middle of your folded accordion. Leave an extra 3-5″ of wire because it will come in handy when you want to add a stem. Trim the edges of your accordion. I rounded mine for a soft peony look, but consider different angles, like a pointy “^” to mimic the petals of a zinnia.

Tie a piece of wire around the folded tissue paper to secure the center of the paper flower.

Open up the outer edges of your accordion. Layer by layer starting from the top, separate the tissue paper and “fluff” it, while being careful not to tear the delicate paper.

Unfold the layers of tissue paper one at a time.

Once it is fully unfolded, your beautiful paper flower is in prime position to be used as a packaging accent like this pretty white one I created (below). Voila! But keep reading if you want to see how I added stems and made a bouquet.

Use a paper DIY flower to accent gift wrapping.

To add a stem, twist the extra 3-5″ of floral wire onto the end of a chopstick. Use the floral tape, which has some tack to it, to secure the wire to the chopstick. Continue wrapping it down the stick to disguise it, and make it look more stem-like.

Attach the stick to the flower wire to create a stem.

Make as many as you wish, and combine them together in a pretty vase for an early taste of springtime.

Make a handmade paper peony flower bouquet.

Find more blooming craft ideas, like these paper roses (below), in our handmade flowers post, and enjoy!


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